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Black Mold Exposure Symptoms To Watch For

Black mold exposure symptoms are caused by frequent exposure to black mold, which is essentially a type of fungi that forms on certain surfaces. It is characterized by a powdery substance and is greenish-black in color.

Its growth is especially rampant in damp surfaces that are exposed to moderate temperatures. This is why black mold can typically be found growing in and on walls, floors, furniture surfaces, and even carpets and clothes. Having black mold around your house is not only unpleasant because of the way it looks but it can also have some detrimental effects to your health, especially if you are frequently exposed to it.

People who don’t know what characterizes black mold exposure symptoms may not be aware of the fact that they are suffering from black mold poisoning.

Black Mold Symptoms

There are various black mold exposure symptoms to watch out for. Since all types of mold produce allergens, those who have existing allergies are extremely sensitive to such substances and may experience uneasyness in the presence of mold.

Some of the common symptoms of mold exposure include, but are not limited to:

  • headaches
  • coughing
  • memory loss
  • dizziness
  • nausea
  • allergic reactions
  • urinary tract infections
  • red eyes
  • asthma

People who have been exposed to mold for very long periods may develop infertility as a direct cause of poisonous mold.

Black Mold Health Risks

Black mold exposure symptoms are generally categorized into three levels, depending on the severity of the symptoms. People who are frequently exposed to black mold may experience

  • weight loss
  • coughing with blood
  • vomiting
  • hair loss
  • difficulty breathing
  • nose bleeds
  • rashes
  • sexual problems
  • muscular and joint pain
  • swollen glands and ear infections, among others.

It is worth noting, however, that these symptoms may vary depending on the type of mold that the person is exposed to.

The most severe of all black mold exposure symptoms manifest in patients who are constantly exposed to black mold for very long periods of time. Exposure can significantly affect an individual’s health and can lead to health problems that may worsen if left untreated or when the person continues to be exposed to mold.

These black mold exposure symptoms may include:

  • permanent brain damage
  • long term memory loss
  • blindness
  • cancer
  • bleeding in the lungs and other internal organs
  • and in very severe situations, mold exposure can eventually lead to death.

Causes of Mold Growth

If you have a mold problem at home but you are not quite sure what caused it, there are a number of different factors that you should take into consideration. It is imperative that you take care of black mold removal at the soonest possible time before your mold symptoms manifest.

One of the most useful precautions you should employ if you want to keep mold away from your home is to prevent moisture build-up, as this is a breeding ground for black mold. Check for any leaks in your plumbing system, as this can accumulate in walls and other corners and can encourage the growth of different types of mold.

Water damage caused by leaks, heavy rainfall, and flooding can also cause mold growth. In the event that your home suffers from water damage, you should make it a point to take care of it within 48 hours to avoid mold growth.

There is also a higher possibility that mold will grow in your home during humid seasons, as the humidity mixed with existing moisture produces the ideal environment for mold to grow. If you want to avoid this, you can use a dehumidifier or an air purifier to get rid of the moisture and remove any bacteria in the air.

If there is too much mold build-up in your home, it would be best to call a professional so that the problem can be taken care of at the earliest possible time.

Black mold exposure symptoms can affect your whole household if you don’t get rid of existing mold right away.

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