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Black Mold Symptoms – What Do They Tell Us

Black mold is a type of fungus that can be toxic. Mold is a common problem in homes though and people need to be aware of it. When water gets into a basement and makes an area damp it may allow such mold to grow.

There are many things that such mold can grow on. This includes carpet, clothing, walls, food, and wood. You do have to be careful as mold can develop underneath furniture and even in air conditioning units.

Paying close attention to black mold symptoms can help you to nip the problem in the bud. Items that feel damp are one of the first things to watch for. An area may not look damp but it could be. If you have a basement area and there is some humidity you should routinely feel around and see if you can feel any damp areas.

By doing so you may be able to offset the situation and prevent it from getting worse. You may have caught the situation in time well before the mold is actually able to form and start to spread. Do you see any signs of staining on your walls? They are typically going to be yellowish in color. However, as the mold spores are growing and multiplying the area will turn black and green.

Pay attention to musty odors as they are often a good indicator of mold, and you may have to look for the source of it. Some people assume that a basement will just normally smell musty but that shouldn’t be the case.

The problem though is that if you are in your home often you may not notice the change in smell. It will be the most noticeable to you when you first arrive home and to other people that come over. However, most people aren’t going to tell you that they smell something terrible in your basement!

Black mold can cause some serious respiratory problems for people that are exposed to it. Pay attention to how your family is feeling. This type of problem can affect one or several of the people that live there.

Problems with breathing, headaches, or nausea can all be symptoms that something isn’t right. Even with going to the doctor and blood work the problem won’t easily be identified.

Do such individuals feel better when they go to work or to school? If so that can be a key indicator that black mold is present in your home. It is definitely worth looking into because your health is at stake. Poisoning due to black mold does happen and it can affect the central nervous system. The problem can be so bad that the home may need to be condemned.

Understanding that black mold can be present in any type of home is important. It doesn’t mean that you aren’t keeping your home clean. There can be leaks in the structure or water lines that you aren’t aware of. It can even be due to water leaking in a line for an ice maker to the refrigerator. Be diligent though in exploring your environment so that you can eliminate such problems right away.

If you think your home exhibits black mold symptoms then it is very important that you look into it. The problem won’t go away, it will continue to get worse and worse. If you don’t know what to look for or even where in your home to look then call in an expert.

They can completely evaluate your home and let you know if black mold is present. If it is they can work with you to determine the best way to remove it.