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Mold Allergy Symptoms Are Similar To Other Common Illnesses

Mold allergy symptoms occur because mold are very buoyant organisms that can stay dormant for quite some time… that is, until the precise set of circumstances take place (at one time) that ends up stimulating their growth. What are molds?

Molds, essentially, are tiny, multi-celled fungi that can permeate most things on Earth and they grow into what’s known as hyphae.  However, mold isn’t entirely bad because they do assist in the manufacturing of several kinds of food and medicine. Mold grows mainly on organic matter, which is, pretty much, everything on the planet.

What Does Mold Need To Live and Grow

To thrive and flourish, mold must have both humidity and moisture.  The spores are tiny and float through the air, landing on anything that allows them to grow when the conditions are just right. It’s these spores that cause the mold allergy symptoms people suffer with.

What Are The Common Mold Allergy Symptoms

The majority of folks will have some kind of reaction to the mold spores and mold. And, the allergy symptoms experienced will resemble hay fever symptoms including but not limited to:

– Chronic cough

– Headaches

– Nasal congestion

– Red watery, itchy eyes

– Runny nose

– Sneezing

Of course, the above symptoms are not the only mold allergy symptoms you can suffer with but they are the most common symptoms people deal with.

How To Get A Handle On The Mold Allergy Symptoms

How can you get control over your mold symptoms? Actually, there are several things you can do to feel better (or not suffer with the symptoms in the first place).

1 – Use a borate-based chemical solution to clean up any mold in your bathrooms.

2 – Regularly check your home to identify any growths of mold colonies.

3 – Don’t store wet clothing, shoes, bedding and other apparels in the bathrooms or enclosed places.

4 – Utilize a dehumidifier to reduce the humidity levels in the home.

5 – Install exhaust fans in your bathrooms.

You can control mold allergy symptoms by using anti-allergy medications. However, the majority of doctors will suggest the complete eradication of the allergy source so no other symptoms will appear. Always exposing yourself to the mold and the mold spores will only cause the allergy symptoms to get worse.

A Look At The Toxic Mold Allergy Symptoms

You should never disregard your allergy symptoms because they could possibly be from toxic mold. These two kinds of mold are completely different, as toxic mold can be deadly.  Some symptoms of toxic mold are:

– Breathing difficulties

– Coughing up blood

– Nosebleeds

– Pulmonary hemorrhage

– Skin rashes

The symptoms of mold allergies must be controlled. However, if you’re constantly being exposed to the mold source, it can be hazardous to your health and lungs. Instead of cleaning up the mold yourself, spend a little bit of money to repair your home.

After all, it’s much less expensive than spending time in the hospital, recovering from the mold allergy symptoms and paying for the treatment of your home.

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