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Symptoms Of Black Mold and How To Deal With Them

Black mold contamination can lead to symptoms of black mold. This can always happen to any household. Knowing its primary source which is moisture, it should be possible for you to remedy a contamination. Moisture is caused by humidity that is part of a natural phenomenon hence nobody can prevent it.

Nevertheless, it can be created artificially through settings in the surroundings like putting space between two objects such as furniture.

Symptoms of black mold or sometimes called toxic mold can be tricky as most occur on hidden or unreachable places inside the house. Thankfully, there are some solutions available.

As previously mentioned, black molds can form, grow and survive in humid places like the basement, in between furniture and the attic hence monitoring the humidity of your house is the primary preventive measure that you can do.

Anything higher than 55% humidity level can be considered an ideal condition for black mold to live and thrive. In the event humidity reaches beyond this level, you can use a humidifier to relieve it.

Being located in the least visited part of the house, the basement, water pipes are so susceptible to condensation; worse it happens undetected. Regular check ups on these pipes to ensure no leakage should be performed. When a leak is discovered, ensure to fix it at the same time check on the presence of black mold.

Another of the symptoms of black mold is a musty smell

It shall lead you to the location of a possibly black mold contaminated area of the house. This is to your advantage since symptoms of black mold are usually found on hard to reach surfaces like cracks on your flooring or leaks on your basement water pipes. Though it doesn’t always guarantee the presence of black mold, this musty odor can alert you that toxic mold is just around.

If you find a stain with yellowish color on the walls, you should be careful as this might be black mold. In addition to ensuring no leaks on water pipes and cracks on the flooring, regular cleaning of the wall should also be performed.

As said before, black mold lives on moisture; the walls can always be prone to black mold growth. When the wall gets moist, its paint blends with the greenish color of the mold.

There’s a way to find out if walls are contaminated with black mold; by simply turning off the light and pointing a spot light on it. A yellow glow is one indicator that there is black mold present. Then you will need to take steps to clean black mold from your home entirely.

Maintaining cleanliness of the house is next to ensuring the safety of your household. Always be alerted by these symptoms of black mold. You can leave it to professionals but to save money, you have to do mold control and prevention measures first.

By making sure you are fighting of the symptoms of black mold, you can be rest assured that your family is in safe condition.

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