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How To Kill Mold Effectively

Mold is a serious health problem and, if you ever have it in your home, you probably want to know how to kill mold. That’s a fair question to ask. After all, mold can cause an array of illnesses and can hinder the body’s immune system.

Thus, if your home has mold in it, it need to get taken care of. And, regardless of what you have heard about bleach being the most effective way to kill mold, it  can only be utilized in small amounts on certain types of surfaces like non-porous surfaces.

How To Kill Mold: The Problem With Bleach

How to kill mold that’s seeped its ways into your home’s drywall, carpeting and wood frames? Bleach will not do the trick on wood and drywall because it can’t get deep enough to destroy the root of the problem.

You might be wondering why bleach is always recommended when trying to find out how to kill mold? What does bleach really do to mold that makes so many people swear by it? The answer: it removes mold’s discoloration but it cannot kill mold.

How To Kill Mold Effectively: Biocides Chemicals Are Your Only Real Answer

So, what is the answer to how to kill mold effectively? It starts with hiring a professional who has the knowledge, tools and license to use the chemicals needed to get a handle on the mold. The name of these chemicals that can treat and kill mold is Biocides.

Biocides chemicals have the power to kill mold spores nearly 100 percent of the time. However, danger still lurks from the mold…even after cleanup. Yes, you have killed the spores but you still have the metabolites to deal with.

Metabolites are the secretions that are left behind. And, it’s these residual mold spores that cause you to get sick especially if it’s inhaled. The only effective way to know how to kill mold is to get to the physical removal aspect of it.

A big concern people may have about using the biocide option is the .1 percent that remains. Yes, it stays inactive but when you don’t repair the moisture/humidity problem that caused the initial mold onslaught, that .1 percent will start proliferating and you’ll have the problem all over again. Essentially, it boils down to the physical removal of mold, done effectively in your home.

How To Kill Mold Effectively: Combine Your Removal Process To Make A Major Impact

Small mold cases can be handled using chlorine bleach. However, if the infestation is rather large, you’ll need to combine both the physical removal and biocide chemicals to see to it that the complete eradication of mold takes place.

Most homeowners have questioned how to kill mold but, the reality is, they often don’t want to hear what they have to do to eradicate the larger mold infestation cases.

You should never try handling mold growth on your own especially after a flood or storm. In cases of water damage, you’ll need to strip the home entirely, which means getting rid of the drywall, tiles and laminate. Usually the home is left with just wood studs, plumbing pipes and electrical wiring.

After you remove all the mold infested items and used biocide on them, call in the professionals. They will treat the home, usually wearing respirators and protective clothing. It’s at this point that you’ll be able to rebuild your home, making sure it’s sealed tight so no more leaks from the plumbing, walls or roof will occur. It is, as it seems, the only effective answer to the question regarding how to kill mold.

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